Advanced Allergy & Asthma Specialists


Denise Gonzalez, MD
Areas of Specialty

Asthma / COPD (Emphysema)
Patients with pulmonary disorders will be offered many treatments options. An assesment of the patient's pulmonary status can be performed in the office to deterine if the patient has Asthma or Emphysema (COPD). The physician will discuss these findings and provide further literature at the time of the visit. Follow up is mandatory in order to revise medical treatment according to the patient's response.
Hives / Urticaria / Angioedema
A lenghty intake on the characteristics of the rash, and or swelling, as well as associated triggers, will be performed on the first visit. This information will determine what further testing must be performed and the initial treatment. Treatment may be escalated or diminished in future follow up visits, depending on the patient's response and lab results.
Patients need not suffer with a chronic sinus infection. A lengthy history will assist the physician in determining the cause of infection. Follow up is mandatory in order to determine the resolution of the infection. If the patient does not respond to the many options of treatment, a Cat Scan of the Sinuses may reveal further information and the possible need for surgery.

Rhinitis ; both Allergic and Non Allergic
After a lengthy history and skin testing, a determination will be made if the patient has, or does not have, allergies. The treatment will depend largely on whether the patient is, or is not, allergic and his response, upon follow up, to the many treatment options available.
Itchy Skin / Eczema / Atopic Dermatitis
Patients need not suffer with dry, scaley, red &/or itchy skin. A lengthy history and discussion of triggers will assist the physician in the assessment and treatment necessary for the patient.

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