COPD / Nebulization for Asthma

What To Expect:
Should a patient come in with difficulty breathing we may place the patient on medication which is administered as a mist. The patient inhales this medication thru a plastic mouth piece similar to "Popeye's Pipe" or a face mask. In approximately 20 minutes this medication which has coated the bronchioles (tubes) of the lungs will dilate and open the constricted tubes with some resolution of the pulmonary symptoms the patient is experiencing.

The patient may be asked to breathe into a spirometer in order to determine the effect of the nebulized medication. This will show how open or constricted the airways are subsequent to treatment. The patient may experience a rapid or "jumpy" heart beat or jitteriness. We consider these common side effects which are acceptable....NOT ABLE TO BREATHE or TO STOP COUGHING is NOT ACCEPTABLE ! !

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